Become Certified in Selfless Service through Keyser Institute

Programs that integrate the selfless service model by customizing courses to transform your organization.

At the Keyser Institute, our sole purpose is to train and empower the next generation of selfless leaders and organizations , so that they too can be living, breathing proof that a selfless service strategy can lead to unparalleled culture, steadfast employees, a loyal client base, immense growth, and abounding success. We work directly with organizations and their people to bring long-term success through relationships that are built upon a cultural standard and the embodiment of selfless service. Keyser Institute’s training and workshops focus on the Three Levels of Selfless Reinvention. Through Reinventing Yourself, we teach leaders and individuals to identify and refocus internal mindsets to serve others without concern for personal gain. Through Reinventing your Culture, we teach leaders to be purposeful in supporting their teams, and teams to be purposeful in supporting each other so that they thrive as a unified entity. Through Reinventing your Client & Collaborator Relationships, we teach leaders and teams to be effective in meeting the needs of those in the community and those connected through business relationships so that they build an unmatched reputation for service, quality, and reliability within their industry.

Certification Programs Include:

  • Dedicated Learning Adviser to come alongside your organization every step of the way.

  • Courses built to teach your team the selfless service business model through the Three Levels of Reinvention and the 12 Activation Keys that will transform your organization.

  • Learn directly from Keyser Institute coaches through live online sessions, mid-week discussion boards, and tools to implement selflessness every day.

  • Attract and keep top talent by creating a culture people want to be a part of.

  • Realize the difference selfless service can make by living selfless service for yourself, within your culture, and throughout your relationships, both at home and at the office.

Certification is customized to each company.

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